We are glad you stopped by!! Let us come and give you a free estimate for your landscaping needs. We use several different types of software to give your property just the look that it needs. We work hand in hand with the home owner and our trusty design team to assure our customers that they get what they need. We can take pictures of your site and then put in many different scenarios to give you an idea of what the site will look like after we are finished and years later as well. We use time elapsed software to show you different stages of growth in your shrubbery life before we set it. See below one of our many different examples of before and after look.
Before shrubs were added in using software!
After shrubs were added in using software!

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Hours Open:  Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 3:00 pm     Saturday by Appointment.  It is always a great idea to call ahead before coming,  We are on jobs many days and would not want to miss you.  Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon!!                       Home Phone:        336-384-1113          Cell Phone:            336-977-7464                                                                                                                                                         

Weaver's Nursery
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